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Possible reverse flow UGF config

All of the talk  about UGF's lately has got me wondering if the following
would work well. Someone mentioned (sorry that I couldn't locate who said
it) earlier that the eggcrate light diffusion panel covered with a plastic
needlepoint canvas works well as an UGF. Great idea, I think, although I've
yet to try it. Perhaps if that last layer were covered with the filter
floss batting, such as Eheim sells that might prevent too much mulm from
settling under it. If reverse flow were implemented along with a sponge
pre-filter would this config not keep a substrate healthy? I like to hear
from you before I go ahead. Also, I can't say enough about Flourite gravel.
It's particle size is perfect, the dark colour very pleasing, it contains
sufficient iron, can be siphoned easily and no problemo uprooting plants.

Susan Romano