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CO2 measurement

I tried measuring CO2 in my tap water with a Red Sea CO2 kit last
night and came up with about 50 ppm.  GH (after ion exchange water
softener (salt pellets)) is about 5 dGH, KH ~ 13, pH > 7.6 (Aquarium
Pharm. test kit).  This doesn't seem consistent with the pH/KH/CO2
charts.  Should I try different test kits (Lamotte CO2, tetra pH?), is
the water softening process doing something that makes the charts not
applicable, or does the tap water before softening have something in
it that makes the charts not work here?  Also, I read in the Krib faqs
that the charts should work unless "extreme" measures are being used
to adjust pH like lots of phosphate buffers like pH-UP/Down.  Would
Proper pH fall into the extreme category?  I have searched the
archives and found related material to this but its still not clear to
me if I'm getting a good CO2 measurement.

Jay Dike
Livermore, CA

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