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Javas Melting

>Subject: Re: Java Fern melt 
>Karen and others have commented on the Java Fern melt. Here are my 2 cents
>In a neglected tank, one or more nutrients tend to become limited. This
Michael Eckardt wrote:

>would lead to decreased O2 levels from lower photosynthesis production and
>perhaps increased demand from decaying processes.
>Adding the missing nutrients, KNO3 in Karen's case, Ca in others, may bring
>up the O2 level again.
>Since Java Fern is really an amphibious plant, it may just be that it reacts
>to long-term, low O2 levels in the water.

While  I did not tested the O2 levels in the tank, I would think this would
affect the fish long before it affected the plants.  
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association