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New 55 gallon

I thought I would share my experience with a 55 gallon tank I set up
last year and that I will soon tear down for my move.

I put an UG filter under one half of the tank, then covered it with

The other half of the tank I used Kitty litter and Gravel (Nothing bad
to say about litter, but nothing good either).  

Thus, I used 2 Visijet 200 powerheads on the UG and added an Emperor
Probably too much filtration, but it works.

On the UG side I used a few rocks and Java Ferns as well as java moss,
and one or two crypts.  This side is doing fine.  

The other side is my heavily planted side.  

Now that I am tearing down the tank, I am searching for pottery clay to
replace the litter and I am hoping that will help.