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Fwd: First off....

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...I want to thank everyone here for the plethora of information that is
contained in this list....its really incredible and at times
overwhelming...and as a newbie the time has come to ask a question...please
bear with me...
     I have fallen heir to the typical flourescent light that comes with a 20
gallon tank...the bulb is a whopping 15 watts...I guess I should be happy I'll
at least be able to see the fish...I'd like to get some feedback on what
everyone feels is the way to go to up the amount of light utilizing the
existing hood and light assembly...while I'm aware some might say to suspend a
shop light over the tank I'm leaning towards utilizing the existing unit for
nothing other than aesthetics....I really don't know at this point whether or
not theres a cost effective way to obtain something in the neighborhood of 3
watts to the gallon.....can one purchase a high output ballast for that size
of a hood and not be concerned about having to air cool it in some
fashion....any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated....I'd really like
to know my options on this subject before I make a decision.....and if it
appears that I should go the way of the shop light and simply fashion a
aesthetic wooden frame around it,does anyone know where one can purchase the
hinges so that I might be able to duplicate the existing hood out of a sheet
of glass and still have a way to gain access to the front of the tank via a
hinged lid?I've got enough moisture in the room where the tanks are from
plants....thank you all in advance....Anton

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