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Re: flowering plant

> From: Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
> Subject: Re: flowering plant
> I've had A crispus flower and set seed several times. What works best
> for me is if I just ignore the flower and let it float along the surface
> of the water. If it gets out onto the edge, the stem often gets damaged
> and thats the end of it but if it floats, it often bends so that the
> flowers are above the water. Ignore it for a week or so and seeds form
> along the stem. When they are about the 4-5 mm in length, they will

> eventually sprout roots and leaves. Stick it into an aquarium where the
> fish won't disturb it and it will root and begin growing. You'll need to
> plant it as it floats around for a long time.

When they are about 4-5mm in length they detatch from the stem and float
away in a white fleshy jacket. Within a day the jacket slips off and the seedling
*sinks* to the susbtrate. At this point in time it resembles a green pod with two
leaves. After a few days a root strand will develop and anchor the seedling.
You will see new "crispy" leaves after a couple of weeks.

This method of dispersion is very effective in natural environments.
A single plant has colonised a 200 SqM pond in about a year.

Bangalore, South India