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shrimps and invertebrates

yesterday was my birthday and my friend  and i drove to nj to meet this
wholesaler who imports fish from australia, thailand and brazil.  among the
invertebrates, i picked up some Atrax spinipes shrimp which unfortunately
didn't live a day, probably died of shock when introduced to my tank; other
fish i got were rare bettas, loaches, south american tetras and catfish (incl.
the very rare Platystacus cotylephorus).  

has anyone kept this shrimp, listed as thai rock shrimp?  last month he had
also Macrobracium sp.  what conditions do these need to thrive?  

for those of you interested in contacting him, his name is keith pyontek, from
aquaticus, tel: 609-883-7717.  leave him a message with your fax number and he
will fax you his list.  he also ships.  

tsuh yang chen, nyc