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RE: Slimy white growth associated with Yeast Method CO2

James Purchase mentioned...

>Now, on several websites I have seen that some people are using a "washer"
>chamber between their CO2 producing reactor and their aquariums. In these,
>the CO2 from the yeast bottle is bubbled thru plain water and then goes into
>the aquarium. If anyone uses this method, could you please make a comment as
>to it's effect on this "white stuff"? Does it eliminate it?

I use to get slimy white growth on my airstone (I'm embarrassed to say :-))
so I created a "washer" (e.g. CO2_jug->glass_jar_with_water->air_stone).

It was used for 6 months until it started to leak. In that time no slime was
seen on the air stone.