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Re: calcined montmorillonite clay

 From Babar100 description of calcined clay Akadama might just be. I have a
old issue(Jan.,98)of Aqua World (in Japanese) where this contributing author
does a Q and A type of article every month. Anyways, in this one question
someone asked about the benefits of Akadama verses Oiso sand. The author
recommends Akadama over Oiso sand, because Akadama sand tends to 'hold'
nutrients better then the Oiso sand. Actually Akadama is not a ceramic but
is a kiln fired or sun baked red clay. Akadama by itself will not contribute
any beneficial nutrients, so an additive is needed i.e. Power Sand. I have
not tried Akadama sand, because I am unable to find it even in Japan. My
local LFS dealer says that he can order some for me but I didn't bother. I
might be having second thoughts now.
Ryan-in chilly Japan