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flowering plant

Hey guys
        Last week my aponogeton ulvaceus, shot up a flowering spike. It
went from the bottom to the top in less than a day, then proceeded to move
to the back of the tank and just out of the water. A small (3/4 in.) white
spike is now above the water surface. I have let the water level drop a bit
to give it more room. I looked the plant up and I have two questions. The
book I got the info from is not great but has the basics( Barrons aquarium
plant manual) It said the flower was twinspiked, yellow and self sterile.
Does this mean it will not produce seeds. If it does produce seeds do they
just fall back in the tank and later grow, or should I do something with
        It also said that this plant has a dormant period, will this occur
after it flowers, and I have placed this plant badly and would like to move
it. Do you think it will hurt to move it while it is dormant. This meaning
slow down or prolong the dormant period.
        One other thing. I have been working on this tank for about three
months. It is growing more plants than anything I have ever seen. I want to
thank this list and especially dan Q, and dave Gomberg for plants and CO2
respectivley. Have faith these plants really grow.

Matt Estep
Smiley21 at boone_net
828 264 3756

        O  O