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Re: Java Fern melt and various deficiencies

Interesting observations from Steve regarding calcium deficiencies, Karen
concerning  potassium nitrate and Eric about CaCO3 and MgCO3. Interesting
for me because I can't seem to grow java fern at all. I have great success
with another fern,  Bolbitis heudelotii with only CO2, Flourish fertilizer
and light. My nitrate level is undetectable with my Tetra nitrate test kit.
It might appear that  Bolbitis heudelotii(why no common name as she types
furiously), a rhizome typical plant,  can possibly make due with little
nitrate as I assume that the other elements are covered in my
fertilizer(all other plants are doing great). Calcium I add by daily
scraping a little of a Aquarium Pharmaceuticals vitamin/mineral pyramid
into the tank. The Bolbitis grows like gangbusters on very little nitrate
it seems, as it receives no assistance via the substrate. I have even had
good results from Bolbitis  with no CO2. Also, after reading Karen's post I
wondered why she needed to add any nitrate to a neglected tank. In my
experience when I neglect the tank,(stuff happens), the nitrate really
shoots up. So does the green algae. Please excuse me now while I go change
some water.

Susan Romano