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Re: Java fern "melt" observations

I've had the following symtoms occur in a stand of Java ferns:
First, the new growth becomes more whitish/pale green, unlike
the usual yellowish-green color.  This isn't a very big color
change so is hard to notice at first.

Then, the new growth gradually develops more and more black
spots and then holes and black spots in the leaves, till eventually
all the new growth looks badly "chewed" and mottled.

This has happened 2 or 3 times in my 29G tank with CO2 injection
and medium light (80W fluourescent).  Each time I had been neglecting
to dose KNO3, and additions of KNO3 caused the new java fern growth
to recover in a week or two.

The symptoms I've seen were different from Karen's in that only
new growth was affected.  Maybe if I'd let the deficiency go even
longer the whole plant would have melted?

Just another data point,