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Plant melting

Recently on two separate occasions and in two separate tanks I have
observed incidents of plant "melting". One was in a bare bottom tank with
stem plants, 'Nesaea" planted in pots with a high iron content aquatic soil
and Flourite gravel and the other in my regular planted tank with a sudden
increase in CO2 brought on by the addition of a CO2 reactor. The affected
plants in this case were typically some crypts. Horst states in "The
Optimum Aquarium" that "holes, discolorations and fringing are usually the
result of water chemistry ...or diseases caused by a lack, or over supply ,
of nutrients." In both of my tanks the problem was precipitated by an
overabundance of nutrients, but a sudden lack it would seem could cause a
similiar effect. I suspect the key factors here may be consistency and

Susan Romano