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Plants melting


>Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 09:00:11 -0500
>From: Romano <romano at pathway1_pathcom.com>
>Subject: Plant melting
>Recently on two separate occasions and in two separate tanks I have
>observed incidents of plant "melting". One was in a bare bottom tank with
>stem plants, 'Nesaea" planted in pots with a high iron content aquatic soil
>and Flourite gravel and the other in my regular planted tank with a sudden
>increase in CO2 brought on by the addition of a CO2 reactor. The affected
>plants in this case were typically some crypts. Horst states in "The
>Optimum Aquarium" that "holes, discolorations and fringing are usually the
>result of water chemistry ...or diseases caused by a lack, or over supply ,
>of nutrients." In both of my tanks the problem was precipitated by an
>overabundance of nutrients, but a sudden lack it would seem could cause a
>similiar effect. I suspect the key factors here may be consistency and
>Susan Romano