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Re: CO2 Generator idea

This electrolysis thread got me thinking.  Mixing HCl and CaCO3 leads to CaCl,
H2O and CO2.  Seems to me that if you set up a bottle of muriatic acid
(diluted down to 5 or 10% to make it safe to handle) with a drip coming out of
the bottom, through a ceramic or stainless steel metering valve, and let it
drip dowm into a cannister of CaCO3, it would gas off CO2.  This CO2 would
then build up pressure in the cannister, and could be directed into an

Yeah, there are some problems to resolve, like getting rid of the excess water
buildup.  And keeping the CaCl deposits out of the way of the reaction.  The
results though should be an economical solution to the problem.  Muriatic acid
is cheap, and crushed dolomite is also really economical when bought 40 lbs at
a time from the local garden center.

It's just an idea for your consideration.  Maybe Gary from Seachem or Merrill
from AP can suggest it to their respective R&D teams.  Also anyone out there
with a tendency to try jury-rigging new concepts, please try this and let us
know what you come up with.

Anyone who can think of a reason this can't be done, please forward your
objections as well.  Then the ingeious among us can be prepared to overcome
the objections.

Does anyone know where I can find a valve that would take the acid exposure?
Even a simple aquarium airline style valve can be used to meater a drop every
couple minutes, so it wouldn't have to be fancy, just capable of withstanding
the acidity.  Also, maybe a pressure activated valve could be placed at the
end of a gooseneck to remove water out the bottom, so the excess water would
flow out one end at the same rate the CO2 is regulated to go out the other.
But then you have to pressurize the Acid container to overcome the pressure in
the cannister.

Okay, it's getting complicated now.  Y'all think about it and let me know what
you think.