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Re: Carbo-Plus system


I have been in this hobby for more years than I care to admit; and every
time I find something that is better, I like to let others know.  I have
four CO2 gas systems and thought that I would try this new development.  It
works so much better than my gas systems -- seeing the comparative results.
 The complete "Carbo-plus" system from That Fish Place is $279.99 and the
replaceable carbon block could possibly last 9 months or more with a timer.
 That's less than most commercial systems for CO2.

Theoretically, anyone can say why it works or why it doesn't; but my plants
show me that it does!  "Bumble-Bees" should not be able to fly, but they
certainly do!  I'm not suggesting that you run right out an buy one but I
am saying that there is another (and, perhaps, better) way to put in CO2.  

Time will tell, but my plants have already shown me the difference!  Enjoy
yours in any way that you see fit!  But, most of all, enjoy even if
suppositions are your thing!

Merrill Cohen