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Tex-Blast or RMC Lonestar "Lapis Lustre"

I'm driving down to Southern California next month and was thinking about
picking up some Tex-Blast or "quartz gravel". The problem is that I'd have to
wait a whole month before I could set up my tank and I'm a little impatient.
Is the Tex-Blast or the "quartz gravel" worth the wait? How much of a pain is
the Lapis Lustre? I remember reading on the list that RMC makes a "shell-less"
version thus obviating the need to look for dirt during my vacation. I hear
that the Lapis Lustre also looks nicer. I don't think the extra weight would
really put much of a dent in my gas bill.

If Tex-Blast or "quartz gravel" is indeed the way to go, can anyone tell me
where I can get either one in the LA, Orange County area (especially the
"quartz gravel").

Thanks in advance

Dan P