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Re: Carbo-plus CO2 system

> > It is not just ordinary electrodes; CO2 is definitely produced as the pH is
> > lowered and the plants are easily seen giving off oxygen when it is on with
> > the lights.  It also reduces the carbonate hardness of the water by
> > depositing the calcium carbonate on the inside of the reactor (easily
> > seen).  
>         This makes me doubt even more that there is CO2 production by 
> electrolysis.  If CO2 _were_ produced that way, there would be no
> reason for CaCO3 to be deposited.  As an alternative hypothesis - how
> about producing CO2 by heating the water to the point that CO2 came out
> of solution and CaCO3 precipitated.  The CaCO3 would stay put and the
> CO2 would redissolve.  That would cause a pH drop on both counts - KH
> reduction and CO2 concentration increase. 


In water electrolysis, Oxygen is released at the anode and Hydrogen is
released at the cathode.  Might Calcium electroplate against the cathode
while the water is reducing?  In the presence of water, the Calcium
would not be able to form a lasting plate, but might form CaOH on the
cathode, perhaps?

You're the chemist Paul, not me.  I'm just trying to make sense of this

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator