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Re: Carbo-plus

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, George Slusarczuk wrote:

> You are absolutely right, that electrolysis of water can produce only
> oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen, however, in its *nascent* state (i.e.
> probably O.), can react with carbon. Now the big question is whether the
> product will be *only* CO2, or whether some CO will be also produced?

Wouldn't "burning" the carbon this way produce a noticable amount of heat?

It occurs to me that the H2 released by the process would knock the
oxidation-reduction potential in the water down pretty low.  That probably
won't have much of a direct effect on conditions in the tank, but wouldn't
you expect a plethora of other reactions as the hydrogen stabilized?  And
even more reactions as other reactive solutes are either oxidized or
reduced at the electrode?

Roger Miller

Who is uncomfortable with electrolysis of complex solutions, like aquarium