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Re: Carbo-plus CO2 system

> From: "Merrill Cohen" <amc2 at ix_netcom.com>
> Subject: Re: "Carbo-plus" CO2 System
> This is a different arrangement and you will have to see it to believe it. 

	I don't doubt the observations, but I do doubt the inferences.

> The manufacturer says , ""Carbo-plus" is the electrolytic reaction between 
> the carbon and the water -- breaking down the water into hydrogen and
> oxygen.  Then, the carbon from the unit is combined with oxygen to create
> carbon dioxide which is utilized by the plants for superb growth".  
	If electrolysis were going on, hydrogen would be produced, and that is
"virtually insoluble in water" (Cotton and Wilkinson, Advanced Inorganic
Chemistry).  The _hydrogen_ bubbles should be seen rising to the surface,
even if the CO2 didn't.

> It is not just ordinary electrodes; CO2 is definitely produced as the pH is
> lowered and the plants are easily seen giving off oxygen when it is on with
> the lights.  It also reduces the carbonate hardness of the water by
> depositing the calcium carbonate on the inside of the reactor (easily
> seen).  

	This makes me doubt even more that there is CO2 production by 
electrolysis.  If CO2 _were_ produced that way, there would be no
reason for CaCO3 to be deposited.  As an alternative hypothesis - how
about producing CO2 by heating the water to the point that CO2 came out
of solution and CaCO3 precipitated.  The CaCO3 would stay put and the
CO2 would redissolve.  That would cause a pH drop on both counts - KH
reduction and CO2 concentration increase. 

>This does not happen when the unit is turned off.  "Seeing is
> believing"!

	The question remains, though, what is actually going on?
I, too, wondered about "nascent" oxygen, George, but it isn't like
hydrogen.  Also, there may indeed be other things in the block, and
it would be interesting to know what.

	I'll continue this with you directly, if you don't mind, Merrill.
I have a few questions to ask, and I don't think the list is the place
for that.	

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada