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Clay from the beach

I hope I'm not too far off topic here, but I want to check to see if somebody has been through this before running the test myself. I live near the beach on Maryland's Eastern Shore and I regularly see beautiful pieces of "rock" on the beach with neatly tunneled holes in them from, I assume,
sea urchins or some other critter that can bore into rocks. Anyway, this Thanksgiving it was pointed out to me that those are not rocks, rather they are clumps of clay that somehow get washed up on the beach. I picked one up and sure enough that was the case. The clay is very hard, almost
like a rock, but it can be scratched with a fingernail. These clay "rocks" look fantastic and I'd love to be able to add them to my heavily planted 75 gallon tank. I could even plant some of the plants, along with a bit of gravel, into the 1" diameter holes dotting the surface of the clay.
So, the questions which must be asked before I screw up my system:

1) Does anyone have experience with these clumps of clay?
2) Are there any forseeable problems, such as the clay dissolving with time, too much salt leeching into the water, etc?
3) Should the clay be burried or left on the surface? Ideally, I would like to leave it on the surface as it looks fantastic.

Thanks in advance,