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Chemical formulas of Micronutrients.

Yesterday, I've got some KNO3, MgSO4, and the sources of micronutrients from local hydroponics.( for free!!!)
They don't use premixed form of micronutriens like CSM.
and now, I'm wondering the chemical formulas of micronutrients.(I have to brew them)
CuSO4(5H2O) is the only formula I know right now.
They use the same brand of reagents to my collage Lab.
I have Mn, Zn, Mo, Cu, B.
I guess B would be H3BO3.
They said  that Fe-EDTA and K2SO4 were out of stock thus I couldn't get it.

Another problem is I don't know my MgSO4 is hydrated or not.
Is there any easy method to find out?
They don't sell Epsom Salt at pharmacy in Korea.