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Carbo-plus system

>> >It doesn't use gas!  CO2 is produced electronically with a carbon block
>> >reaction.  No CO2 reactor is needed as the CO2 comes off the block in a
>> >"smoke" in the water that is absorbed before it reaches the surface.  

Paul Sears wrote:

>	To put it mildly, this sounds dubious.

It really does what these guys say.  I saw it in action.  It _does_ produce
lots of _very_ fine CO2 bubbles that are small enough that they _do_
dissolve before reaching the surface if placed near the bottom of the tank.

>You can electrolyse water quite well using carbon electrodes,
>but the products will be H2 and O2.

Would that lower the pH?  This thing does.

I'm not convinced that it is ceaper than a DIY pressurized system, but it
was pretty neat, and has the advantage that there are none of the dangers
of a pressurized gas cylinder.  Of course you do have potential electricity
and water hazards...<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association