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bare tank with pots

Hello all,

	I am new to this list (been around for a week or two). 

	I am planning a "ditch" type tank for a delicate species - the
Bluespotted Sunfish (Enneacanthus glorisus). The tank will have a bare
bottom and *lots* of floating vegetation. The water will be made acidic by
placing some peat blocks on the bottom along the sides. (I have neutral
and mildly hard water out of the tap). The tank will be bare to facilitate
cleaning for this delicate species. 

	I, however, must have some plants. I am thinking of placing three
small (4-6") pots with plants in the tank. The pots will contain a bottom
layer of gardening soil mixed with sand and gravel on the top. I will
probably use native (north-american) species like watersprite in the pots. 
The floating vegetation would be Hornwort or duckweed and will be covering
most of the surface. 

	This 30 Gallon High tank will be illuminated by 2x20W flourescent
bulbs. I can even manage 4x20W bulbs if needed.

	What do you think of this? Any advice and suggestions.

Thanks in advance,
sajjad at uic . edu