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Re: Carbo-plus system

> From: Bob Wurster <wursterb at intrepid_net>
> Subject: Re: Carbo-plus system
> >It doesn't use gas!  CO2 is produced electronically with a carbon block
> >reaction.  No CO2 reactor is needed as the CO2 comes off the block in a
> >"smoke" in the water that is absorbed before it reaches the surface.  

	To put it mildly, this sounds dubious.
> The
> Aquarium Products sales guy in the booth said that the unit works through
> electrolysis, with water being split into O and H. The O reacts with the
> carbon molecules in the block and voila. 

	You can electrolyse water quite well using carbon electrodes,
but the products will be H2 and O2.

	Caveat emptor!

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada