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"Staghorn algae"

I having a problem with this type of algae, staghorn, the FAQ states that
it grows mainly on submerged hardware and should be removed mechanically.
However in my tank it is infesting the plants, starting at the edges and
enveloping the whole leaf on some of the slower growing plants (bolbitis
fern and java fern). I have discontinued fertilization of the water column
except for diy co2 and increased the frequency of water changes as well as
massive pruning. I dont want to replace my plants for sentimental as well
as budget reasons. Does anybody have any suggestions that would help me
out, I would geatly appreciate it.
Relevent Data:29gallon, 60watts flo.,12hr photoperiod, DIY CO2, sand
substrate, ph6.5.
Also while Im technically adept, I like to maintain a "Low Tech" attitude,
maximize my enjoyment of the hobby while keeping myself relativly sane.
Thanks Again, Alex