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Re: Ghost Shrimp

> >>>>> "r" == ruddigar  <ruddigar at home_com> writes:
> r> Will ghost shrimp eat fish fry?  I was planning on purchasing some
> r> from DADS this weekend to put into one of my apisto tanks to keep hair
> r> algae down, but I don't want them eating my baby apistos.
> IME, ghost shrimp will eat anything they can catch. I realized this
> when a ghost shrimp caught and killed a 1 cm Corydoras habrosus! OTOH,
> C. habrosus doesn't seem overly adept at avoiding predation. :-}

I've watched them eat platy fry, but it seems that they were only able to catch
runts of the litter.  so no great loss.  Out of about 40 fry, they only ate (that
I saw)
3 in a 2 week period.  It was pretty easy to find the culprit; he's the clear one
with red platy fry in his stomach for a few days.  :)