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QTL's lights

 Hi ,again . I found out about 10 years ago that Quartz lights work
beautifully for swords quite by accident .I didn't like the "yellow "at
all though .The G.E. constant colorprecise MR16 12v bulbs are "the ones"
to use but experimentation should be encouraged.  I will be getting a
kilowatt meter to test directly the power used to do my "lighting test"
on a varity of lighting sources .
I am concerned as many are on APD about power usage .Does everyone have
PC's in their living rooms and throughout their houses and water
efficient shower heads ? By adding these items we can all have a cheaper
power bill .Why don't many of us have these devices ? I don't like the
color off many FL's or I like lots of water when I take a shower or....
or...   .Point being power usage is an issue but
looks,affordability,flexibilty,application, set-up etc are also
considerations that are important . There are many things out there that
might give you the "EL DORADO" of plant growth .Please don't turn a
blind eye to options .
I recently purcased a Mercury Vapor light system .....for 7.50$ !!This
is with a bulb etc but is more for the DIY's .Can anyone argue this cost
? If anyone in the  SF Bay area is intrested I'll pick one up for you.
You'll need to build a hood for it .Blue/white light, bulbs last 3-5
years and good watts to lumens ratio . Didn't I see 60 hex light
Question (Hint hint)? I am approaching it from a different angle to
reduce heat this time .I had great results in the past with the growth
but couldn't get use to the blue/white light (I wanted to put my corals
and reef animals in there!) for a plant tank .I'll see if I can find a
cheap "whiter" bulb this time.
I really enjoy all the list on lighting ----thanks!
Tom Barr