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Re: Flourite/Flourish Tabs

> 1)  I was once told by a pet store employee that flourite contains
> 'low-level toxins, which wouldn't affect fish, but which amphibians absorb
> more readily through their skin'.  Any truth to that?

This is a rumor that we have recently become aware of, although this is the 
first time I've heard it in relation to somehow affecting amphibians. We 
have factual evidence that the source of this rumor is a competing 
manufacturer who claims to have had Flourite analyzed. This manufacturer 
refuses to divulge who analyzed the material. The manner in which it was 
analyzed reveals a "dirty tricks" ulterior motive; they were looking to get 
us into trouble with the EPA, and when they couldn't (because apparently 
the results were below EPA limits) they have "unofficially" used this 
information out of context to make it appear that somehow Flourite is 

If you happen to know the employee's name and how we could contact them, we 
would be interested in finding out where they heard that information 
(especially if the source was a representative of the manufacturer in 
question). We would have no qualm with the employee (you're not going to be 
getting anyone in trouble), we just want to know where they heard that. 
Please contact me off the list if you know.

> 2)  Along similar lines as the flourish iron question that was raised, are
> flourish tabs supposed to be used in combination with a flourite gravel bed?
> Are the tabs similar, in the sense that you don't 'need' them, but might
> want to use them, to stimulate a plant that just needs that extra 'oomph'?
> Or is it really designed to enrich a non-flourish gravel bed?

Yes, the tabs are similar, you don't "need" them but are good for giving a 
plant that might need it a little extra something. In a non-enriched gravel 
bed they would have a much greater benefit since the bed presumably has 
very little nutrient content.

-Greg Morin
Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM