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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #679


> From: someone
>  Subject: Halogen spots
>   2) Note what was missing in the original Gro Lux
>  because of cost: the red comnponent. I'm a string
>  believer in incandescent suppliments to fluorescent
>  lighting and am to an extent almost convinced
>  Swords do better under this than just fluorescent.
>  If you look at the output spectra of an incandescent
>  bulb, it's like a right angled triangle, massive
>  near red, lots of red, diminishing to nothing near
>  yellow.

Going back 30 years when florescents were first getting
popular it became a common practice than to mix the 
florescent and incadescent bulbs.  I had in my early days
of fish keeping seen some fantasticly planted tanks that
used this combination.

>  So, no, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if halogen
>  spots grew great plants. You might want to add one of the
>  (now cheap) Chroma 50's ($6 CDN in the local automotive
>  chain, ya gotta love it) to suppliment blue though.
Today I'm a firm believer in the Croma 50's.  I swicthed to them
from the Grow Lux and have noticed better plant growth as will
as like the light spectrum better opticly.