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Substrate recipes

Ted Lyman wrote:

>Hello all, I will try this again on the advice of some of you,
>        I regularly see various arguments about soil composition,
>mineral content and such but have yet to see a definitive "recipe" using
>these items that have worked successfully.  Is there a summary or web
>page that has listed specific of substrate preparation?  Does any one
>have any recommendations for what DID or did NOT work for them.  

If you're looking for the el-cheapo DIY witches brew type recipe, I can't
help.  If you want a fail-safe substrate that will grow the majority of
plants very well, and give you a good first experience with a planted tank,
here is the recipe:

1. Go to your local LFS (or pick up a catalog for a mail order place)
2. Purchase the proper amount of commercial laterite (both Dupa and
Substrate Gold work very well)
3. Mix it with the bottom 1/3 of your 1-3mm non-calcium carbonate bearing
4. Cap with 1/3 well washed PLAIN non-calcium carbonate bearing gravel
(total depth at least 3")
5. Plant your plants

There is NO REASON that substrates HAVE to be complicated.  If you want to
experiment with new things, or if you enjoy complications, the
possibilities are endless.  But that's not the place for a novice to start.

<OK, Karen, take a deep breath... get down off that soap box carefully...
there's a nice padded room waiting for you right over here...>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association