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RE: Substrate recipes

My experience for aquatic plant growth and substrate is that each plant has it's own unique growing conditions, i.e. plant A may prefer sand and plant B may prefer corse gravel etc..  What I have found also its best to taylor the substrate to meet the needs of it's inhabitants.

In my 20 gallon tank I have the petshop special gravel (medium brownish color) mixed with chiclid slate (tho it's probably disolved by now) and florite gravel.  The plants seem to do wonderfull cept red temple and glossostigma.

A good "recipe" for any plant would be:  1 part research to the evolved conditions and 2 parts TLC.


Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 15:51:32 -0500
> From: Ted Lyman <lyman at mpi_com>
> Subject: Substrate recipes
> Hello all, I will try this again on the advice of some of you,
>         I regularly see various arguments about soil composition,
> mineral content and such but have yet to see a definitive "recipe" using
> these items that have worked successfully.  Is there a summary or web
> page that has listed specific of substrate preparation?  Does any one
> have any recommendations for what DID or did NOT work for them.
>         I am working on a tank for my office at work and would really like to
> try some "newer" methods for it.  I am particularily interested in the
> substrate part, but would like to see more detail before running out and
> buying a 100#'s of pottery clay. :)
>         It would be nice to see a summary of all these different topics
> posted in a complete FAQ or something of a similar nature so that
> someone could easily view successes and disasters on a variety of
> topics.
> Thanks!!
> Ted