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CO2 into filter/ Test Kits

I am planning to have my CO2 output go into the input of my cannister
filter, instead of through a reactor.  Will this cause any adverse affects
on the bacteria/chemical reactions going on in the filter?  Will the CO2
mix with the water alright and not get lost?  What possible reasons are
there for not going into the filter and having a CO2 reactor?  I am mainly
trying to limit objects intruding into my aquarium, rather than trying to
save money (though that is always good).

Secondly, is there any sage advice on which test kits a begginner should
get?  I know some of the experts on here do not see a need for test kits,
but I need every bit of help I can get!  My tank definately has some
problems that I can't figure out, because all my fish are getting diseases
(different types, how nice of the fish to try and educate me).  I know
that the number one cause of disease is water quality, so I have decided
to invest in some kits.  After looking through a few catalogs, I am really
confused on which brand to get.  Pages upon pages of different test kits
with a wide range in price.  Does price buy a good test or is it just a
rip off?  Is there no real difference between different brands?

Thirdly, what is is the difference to the human eye of light from a 5500K
and 10000K metal halide bulb?  It may seem stupid to ask, but the supplier
for my metal halide kit only has these choices for bulb.  I am mostly
worried that the 5500 will be too yellow and the 10000K will be overkill.
Isn't 1000k for reef aquariums?  

I am moving to a much larger tank (29 gallon to 75 gallon) with all sorts
of techno gadgetry (Dupla-like system), so I am sure I will get my use out
of any tests I may buy.  My current tank is unplanted (except for some
wisteria that just won't die) and is about as low-tech as you can get.
One flouresent light that came with the aquarium, 1.5 inch gravel
substrate, one 50 watt heater, and a Whisper filter on the back of the
aquarium.  New aquarium: metal halide lights (2 175 watts), CO2
fertilization (hence the question about CO2 output), an Eheims cannister
filter, substrate heating though heating pads under the aquarium, laterite
substrate (probably Substrate Gold) with gravel on top, and a zillion

I would really appreciate any advice out there.  I have received some
really good advice on how to help my fish recover from a particular
disease from people on this list (mostly lurkers), and I would love to
prevent future outbreaks. I would even appreciate someone flaming my new
aquarium setup plans, as it will help me figure my best options.  Well, as
long is it isn't about soil vs. laterite substrates.  Remarks about
laterite are fine, I just don't want to touch off the soil/laterite war

Thank you ahead of time, and feel free to reply privately to conserve
bandwidth on the group.

Jennifer Glover

* Time is the best teacher; Unfortunately it kills all its students! *