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Dissolved O2 Saturation Levels in F/W

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to discover the saturation levels of Oxygen in freshwater at
various temperatures. My source refrences seems to be at odds with one
another and I'd like to know if any of the more knowledgeable members of the
list could point me in the proper direction for the correct numbers.

From Spotte (1979) [Seawater Aquariums, pg.337] - derived from data in
Murray and Reiley (1969)
Chlorinity (%) = 0
[Temp C][O2 mg/l] -> 5(12.75) 10(11.29) 15(10.10) 20(9.11) 25(8.27) 30(7.56)

From Audey (1991) [Dynamic Aquaria, pg. 186] - derived from Horne (1969)
Salinity = 0 ppt
[Temp C][O2 mg/l] -> 5(14.8) 10(13.0) 15(10.3) 20(9.4) 25(8.5) 30(7.8)

From George Booth's website

[Temp F][O2 mg/l] -> 75 F (8.1) or {23.8 C)(8.1)

I assume that a Chlorinity of 0% and a Salinity of 0 ppt are just different
ways of describing pure freshwater.

I'd appreciate it if someone could could point me in the right direction
here - who is right?


James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpurch at interlog_com