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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #603

>Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 23:15:22 EST
>From: Zxcvbob at aol_com
>Subject: java fern in goldfish tank
>I bought what looked like a big hunk of java fern from the LFS, and when I got
>it home, it was a bunch of individual leaves (each with a bit of root) and a
>rubberband holding it together.  I separated them and planted them all about
>the tank and they are just sitting there not growing, but not dieing either.
>It's been about two weeks.  I was wondering, how deep should they be planted?
>I probably set them pretty deep cuz I didn't want the goldfish to eat the
>roots.  Thanks.

This is one of those questions that makes one despair about people who work
in the LFS. Surely they mentioned how to grow this plant?

Bob, Java Fern is not planted. It is grown on wood or porous rock. It
*will* grow if left sitting on the gravel...but you should NOT plant it. It
will rot and die if you cover up the rizome. It would have been best to
have left it in its bunch and used the rubber band (or another one) to
fasten it to a piece of wood. Once it is rooted you can remove the rubber
band. If you are interested in starting up with aquatic plants I suggest
you get a book or read all the info in the Krib Web site. No offence, but
it's pretty rare on this digest to find someone who doesn't know how Java
Fern grows! :)

in Vancouver where I have Java Fern in a goldfish tank.