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Re: Cheap lights and dirt

Bob Dixon asked:
> 4)  has anyone tried the stuff that they make into ceramic, stoneware and
> porcelain?  Is it too messy?  I'd be willing to bet it has a fairly high
> mineral content.

I have tried a commercial pottery clay called Terrastone pottery clay

Here's a little more info. There's a link on my website with the current
URL if the one below doesn't work.

20 Kg Terrastone iron rich pottery clay

Cost:     ~$18 Cdn for 20 Kg
Address:  Plainsman Clays Ltd       Phone: (403)527-8535
          Box 126                    FAX: (403)527-75086
          Medicine Hat, Alberta
          T1A 7M9   CANADA

WWW: http://www.memlane.com/business/imc

Chemical Analysis:
 BaO     0.4%
 CaO     0.5
 K2O     3.2
 MgO     2.5
 Na2O    0.7
 TiO2    0.7
 Al2O3  16.1
 P2O5    0.3
 SiO2   71.5
 Fe2O3   4.0
 LOI     6.5 

There have also been several people using red A.R.T. clay in the USA and
I have some information on it:

Redart 200 Mesh. 
A low fire terra cotta clay from Ohio, but clean burning due to
geological formation of the deposit. Good color but poor plasticity.

SiO2    64.27
Al2O3   16.41
Fe2O3   7.04
TiO2    1.06
CaO     0.23
MgO     1.55
K2O     4.07
Na2O    0.40
P2O5    0.17

L.O.I.  4.78

It is available in dry form only.

 25#    $ 9.00
 50#     11.00
100#     19.00
500#     85.00

A.R.T.'s minimum order policy is $50.00, smaller orders incur a $10.00
handling charge. There is a link on my website with the current URL.

These clays were chose because of their high iron content. These clays
are all extremely fine in texture and so you could probably mix them
with sand (dry form is easiest for this) and a little will go a long
way. I suggest you keep it in the bottom 1/3 of the substrate like any
clay, so that you minimize the amount that gets drawn up into the water
if you uproot a plant.

Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

Visit "Steve's Aquatic Page"      http://home.infinet.net/teban/
 for LOTS of pics, tips and links for aquatic gardening!!!