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Crossing the US/Canadian border

Claude Huss wrote:>Subject: Crossing the Canadian border?

>I have a friend of mine who has a wonderful collection of
>aquatic plants in Vancouver, BC. As she is going back to
>Hong Kong she offered me her collection. My question is...
>Is there any import/export regulation or quarantine procedure
>when bringing aquatic plants from Canada to the US?

Once upon a time not so long ago,  I crossed the boarder with a small
amount camamile plant complete with roots. ROOTS.  Before we crossed
the boarder it had roots.  After crossing it had not roots.  What happenned
to the roots one might ask?

Customs was afraid that in the roots might lie dangerous creatures which
if transplanted to a foreign land without those same dangerous creatures
could endanger other crops.  And so custom agent took the plants in one
hand and wielded a very long pair of scissors in the other!  One snip was
all it took.  I think he had lots of practice.

Good luck!

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net