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Re: CO2 added to filter

Hi Jennifer.I have my CO2 tied into my filtration system but I designed it
that way.  I use a "Quiet One" pump placed at the output of a homemade
canister filter.  This creates a vacuum at the impeller of the pump.  My
return line goes directly up and into the tank.  It works great.  I set the
pH for 7 and it stays there night and day.  I also inject a small amount of
air to keep the oxygen level up.  I don't know how you would do this with a
powered canister however.  In a vertical system like the Eheim the CO2 can
collect in the canister and cavitate the pump.  I inject the CO2 into a
horizontal pipe going directly into the impeller.  Maybe someone else on
the list has used this method effectively with a vertical system.  Good luck.

k5vkq at ix_netcom.com
>I have heard a few description of aquariums and it sounds like it isn't
>necessary to have a CO2 reactor in the aquarium itself for CO2
>fertilization.  Some people have it somehow tied into the filtration
>system.  I have an Eheim's cannister filter (specifically the Eheim
>professional filter, type 2228) and I would love to combine technology