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Heating cable benefits?

David Webb wrote:

>Also, knowing that the
>substrate on these tanks does not deteriorate in the way that it might in a
>tank without heating cables provides evidence that some form of water
>movement is occurring within these substrates that is not occurring at
>least as quickly in tanks without these substrates.

Are we sure that's true?  I believe that George's tanks with cables have
good longevity.  I also believe that it is good to have a tank set up in
such a way that the substrate stays at least as warm as the rest of the
tank.  I don't remember whether George has talked about longevity of tanks
w/o cables that didn't have a UGF. I _think_ that his non-cable tank had a

I have yet to have _any_ substrate "give out" in a planted tank.  So I'm
not convinced that tanks without cables can't have very good longevity
also.  So far, my oldest substrate is 7+ years.  It's not having any

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association