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Re:Proffesional Aquatic soil

Title: Re:Proffesional Aquatic soil
Bob Sumner,
    I'm currently using Proffesional Aquatic soil. I got it at a Home Depot in Joliet, IL. I went to the link listed below in a previous suggestion and found alot about laterite. By the look of the Prof Aquati Soil it is very similar to laterite. In either case my plants are thriving with the stuff. I mixed it about 1:1 with Tex:Blast (river sand, 1-2mm size gravel). I also added a healthy amount of PMDD when I mixed it. I covered it with about a half inch of the Tex-Blast. I think it may be packed a bit so if I redo it I may add some vermiculite to lighten it up a bit. My tank has only been up 6 months or so but I'm pleased with the growth of the plants which is in no small part due to the info I've gotten from this group. Good Luck.

At 03:48 AM 10/23/98 -0400, Bob Sumner wrote:
> I came across something called Professional Aquatic Soil. It is
>designed to be used in artificial backyard ponds and appears to be a red
>clay that has been baked and ground to a sand-like texture. Cheap, too.
>The label indicate exactly what it is made of. Anyone have any
>experience with this?



for further info.