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A few beginner questions

Greetings all-

I've been lurking on the list for a bit now, and reading up on planted
tanks at all the excellent sites out there on the Web. I'm feeling wee bit
vague on a few issues:

1) Lighting?? I haven't seen the use of halogen lighting addressed. A visit
to Home Depot revealed that one can buy a low voltage halogen lighting
setup that could be adapted for aquarium use (lawn lights) relatively
cheaply. Power supplies are available with built in timers, and it's
possible to add lighting in 20 watt increments up to the max that the
supply is rated for (some go to 300 watts). Is there a downside to halogen
lighting? What am I missing?

2) Substrates??? Home Depot sells bags of something called "Mini Brick
Nuggets" that look for all the world just like the expensive stuff that
comes in the bags labelled "Seachem Flourite". Nice red granulated stuff.
I'm wondering about the use of this as a clay style substrate additive. Any

3)Fertilizer??? Also at Home Depot- Jobe's Tree Spikes, and another brand
that is similar for about half the price. Something along the lines of
15-7-10, or thereabouts. I've read about breaking up Lilipons tabs to add
to the substrate when setting up. Can't find those around here, so how
about the tree spikes?

Thanks for helping out a befuddled novice-

Rick Lindstrom                           
<rlind at nettally_com>      
Tallahassee, FL