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Erik's Fish Room

Couple of things:  I received vol. 34 of Amano's Aqua Journal
yesterday-so it is still coming, if slowly.  I paid extra for air mail,
so don't panic if you don't have your copy yet.  Thanks VectraPoint.
I'm pleased with this edition, as I was with vol. 33.  This issue
concentrates on aquascaping techniques and principles.  The arrangement
of driftwood is featured.  Looks like I need to concentrate on the
Golden Ratio of 1 : 1.618!  Wish me luck. <G>  And Amano critiques two
of his student's tanks in a gloves off, non-sentimental Zen master
fashion, replete with point scores!  Maybe George and Steve should
submit to binding arbitration by Amano under Japanese rules! <g>  Now
that would be an interesting proceeding!

I was intrigued by Karen's remark the other day that Erik Olson's fish
room is the best she's seen.  A fish room (probably more like a plant
room with fish in my case) is definitely in my future.  Any way we could
see some pictures, schemata or other info on this marvel of human
creation, Erik or Karen?  If pictures are already posted on the KRIB and
I've missed them, feel free to spam me.

I guess I'll make one comment on the mud wrestling thread.  It seems
fairly obvious that both George and Steve can grow aquatic plants quite
well.  The high noon picture extravaganza proves that "as a fact" if I
dare say so myself. <g>  I would like to try to focus the flame throwing
on some area that might prove useful.  If I were trying to summarize the
laterite camp's concern with soil substrates, I think I would say that
the worry is that soil substrates may be unpredictable and difficult to
manage.  That there is a risk of algae plagues of the sort we all fear
and remember from our early days in the hobby.  Have the soil folks
figured out a reliable "beginner's package" which is tried and true
among the soil folks?  If so, I would love to hear about it.  I hope
it's not twenty-two separate steps, but even if it is, I'll read and
consider them all.

And thanks for all the fun.  Steve Dixon -- in San Francisco where the
sunny afternoons have me day dreaming about my childhood.

Now has anyone seen any blue water in white buckets lately?