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Re: Zero-tech tanks

On 19 Oct 1998 07:15:43 -0700, Dave Gomberg wrote:
>Cynthia, do you have any idea what it is that has accumulated?   Mulm????

I'm presuming so, yes.  If I'm remembering correctly, I think that was
George's thought on it which makes sense to me.   I do gravel vacuum this
tank but stay away from the substrate around the plants as much as
possible, which suggests that there may be some anaerobic spots around the
roots as well.

I want to make something clear - at no point did I suggest this
zero-tech-tank was THE way to do things, that it had to be that way or even
raise a controversial point.   I merely corroborated George's experience
and said I thought it was cool, which it is.  Going from an essentially
sterile environment (from the plants perspective) to explosive, luxuriant
growth with no real intervention on my part has been amazing to watch and,
for those with patience, I recommend it for sheer interest.   

Despite what some people seem to think, there is no point of contention
here unless one is manufactured.


http://www.metronet.com/~cyn  in slightly cooler north central Texas

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