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A couple questions

I have a couple questions I would like to throw out to any one who can
answer them.

1) I recently purchased a banana plant because I have always liked their
look. When I bought it, it had 2 small brownish-green leaves and a
decent-looking bunch of bananas (also greenish-brown). Now, 3 weeks
later the plant has lost both leaves and regrown 4 new beautiful green
leaves. It has also been slowly loosing its bananas. Yesterday I was
surprised to see the whole bunch of bananas had broken loose. My
question is: Will the plant produce new bananas, continue to thrive but
have an empty space underneath it, or have problems as a result of this

2) My second question concerns yeast used for CO2 production. Is there a
benefit to keeping the yeast refrigerated until use? If so should they
be allowed to return to room temp before addition to the generator or
should they added cold?

Thanks in advance for any help. 

Richard Hostler
Product Information Editor
PC Connection
(603) 423-2234