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Re: Muddy thoughts

My dime, if your interested, I like "my mud".  
   How’s that for a qualifier?:)  Last year when Steve P. asked if anyone
was interested in "testing" soil setups, I volunteered a 20 gal for a
little test of the Pennsylvania soils.  Kind of liked the idea and though
it would be neat.  Well I finally got the thing up and running in  July of
this year.  I am impressed with the results.  You can view the details if
interested on my site at 
   This setup is simple and low-tech involving very little input on my
part.  If someone "replicated" it they would be pretty happy with the
results.  With that said, I would not tell a novice to run out and do it
without a mentorship deal in place.  I have observed my setup do real well,
but I am not ready to completely endorse it as the way to go.  Like
discussed, there are a lot of variables in "dirt" and a few extremes would
make or break a tank.  If my neighbor wanted to do it, I would support
that, but a novice friend somewhere else, I am not sure.  For the
experienced, I would say it is an interesting approach and in my situation
is performing better then my Thiel laterite setups.  I also have another
one that is a slightly different arrangement, and it to is outperforming my
higher tech tanks in some ways.  I will have to agree with George though,
sometimes the growth is to good.  My higher tech tank is partially stunted
due to nutrient limitations.  The growth is so good that available
nutrients are to quickly depleted requiring constant monitoring,
adjustment, and additions.  This soil tank has been doing real well for 4
months now, we will see what it will take to keep it up.  

The soils in my neck of the woods work well,