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Flowering Echinodorus osiris

>>Hi - I never could get mine to produce any flowers.  This might have
something to do with room temperature, humidity, etc.  Why not submerge
one and try to flower another stock?  Once it's submerged it will quickly
produce plantlets and after their roots are about 4-6 inches long you can
plant them - good luck and if you get any of yours to flower, please post
how you did it.   HTH, Chris

Thanks to all who responded.  Well, I got some very pretty white flowers,
but all I did was let them grow up between two light strips.  The stalks
were about a foot above the tank before the blooms began to open!  I've been
told they are "triploid" (sounds painful) and the flowers will not produce
viable seeds, but I'm smearing the pollen around anyway.  After all the
flowers are finished I'll submerge the stalks and see how many plantlets I
can get.  I'm going to have to start another tank, gosh darnit, since these
guys get pretty huge and I've been pruning the ones I already have
ruthlessly to get some light down to my other plants.