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foreground plants

Karen Randall wrote:
> >Does any one know of any way to get this plant to grow to its "carpet"
> >potential, I have a bunch that has spread somewhat with small runners.
> >What I have read is that it likes bright light, yet in my tank (29g 60w,
> >sand substrate) the plant spreads to areas of lower light?? Any Hints?
> If you are talking about Lillaeopsis, I find that it grows better with
> light levels closer to 3w/g.  It also seems to prefer water a little harder
> than Glossostigma, making it a good option for those who have problems with
> that plant.  It does best in a fine substrate, as it has a hard time
> staying rooted in coarse materials.  As long as part of it has bright
> light, the stand will also creep around into shadier areas of the tank.  In
> these areas, the blades will be longer, but so will the space between blades.

If you have a densely planted aquarium, you may not get enough light on
your Lillaeopsis for it to thrive. It really needs quite strong light.

Another plant which I would like to recommend is Marsilea, the so-called
4 leaf clover plant. It spreads in much the same way as Lilleaopsis but
can grow in much lower light. It only has the distinctive 4 leaf form
when grown emersed (how it is grown for sale). Submerged it has a single
ovate leaf but it looks (I am told) very much like a grove of

The plant is now widely available within our Vancouver circle of aquatic
plant growers. I've also given some samples to Erik and Karen but I
think Karen may already have this in her collection. I'll bet that a lot
more people who read the APD also have it so if you do and you have some
to spare, I think it would be all right to place a short message in the
APD for the benefit of those people looking for it. Karen won't thank me
if you flood her inbox with requests for it!

I remember a couple of years ago before Lillaeopsis was first brought
into Vancouver for sale; I saw some in a planted display at Aquarium
Services but they refused to sell any at any price, even a tiny sprig.
Later on I got a pot of the stuff and now I think everyone in the
Vancouver circle has the stuff.

Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

Visit "Steve's Aquatic Page"      http://home.infinet.net/teban/
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