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Re: Marineland Eclipse

 > From: HWagner490 at aol_com
 > Recently I got an Eclipse unit for my 29 gal. tank.  It has 2 "full spectrum
 > daylight" bulbs.  Any ideas about what types of plants would grow in this
 > tank?  The bulbs are 18".  I'm new at trying my hand at real plants.  I only
 > get the digest for this list, and would welcome replies via personal email.

I would do this:

 - remove all decoration except for maybe one piece of drift wood

 - fill the think with goobs of plants such that the bottom has no open spaces

 - keep the plants that take

 - replace plants that die with more plants (of the types that take)

Viola--you have a tank filled with real plants.  I've gotten
about a 90% success rate with two well setup tanks; ymmv.

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