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Re: Hygrophila ID

> >>I have two plants in my 50g tank that are supposed to be
> >>Hygrophila/Nomaphila? stricta/corymbosa? [snip]
> Im curious why the books and other refer to this plants as the same since they are so
> different.

I'm pretty sure that the scientific classifications for this species are
the same. They are synonyms. I think the problem is that there are many
varieties of H corymbosa (the most favoured name). I can't tell you if
these are really distinct species or simply varieties but I'm pretty
certain that there are a lot more Hygrophila species than the few names
in our books. 

As far as determing if something is variety or a different species I
think the botanists can't decide either! Separating plants into species
is a difficult task hopefully now made easier by a) chromosome counts b)
DNA analysis. It is especially difficult for the genus Cryptocoryne!!!

I'm also betting that the breeders may have more than one type of
Hygrophila and they are just using those names to refer to the different
types that they have. Is what we are getting in the stores really H
corymbosa? who knows?

I've been laying off this thread hoping somebody else would jump on it.

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