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aquarium leveling

> From: Kelly Beard <kbeard at comdata_com>

> I've picked out a spot for my 75 gallon.  The tank has a wooden stand
> which has created a problem I didn't forsee.  The house I live in is
> probably quite old and has wooden floors.  The floors are warped
> enough that the stand won't sit level on the floor, and the house is
> probably tilted too.  Last night I thought I'd be creative and go to
> Home Depot and see what I could find.  I just happened across a
> package of wood shims that are used when installing a door.  I tried
> these shims in vain to get the tank level.

I don't see why shims or some other spacers wouldn't work. They work for
me. Put them between the stand and the floor, not between the stand and 
the tank. The tank needs an even flat support.

Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~ cliff at noevalley_com